Rainbow Gemmie Sz 5.5 Sample

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Gold: Yellow


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The stacker that started it all in ROYGBIV. Set in 10k Canadian gold, the Rainbow Gemmie features 20 round cut stones that wrap your digits in magical goodness. Designed with budget in mind, the Gemmie is a ¾ infinity band. Its hidden sizing bar means more affordable sparkle for everyone. 

  • Ruby, citrine, yellow sapphire, emerald, blue topaz, sapphire, amethyst
  • 3mm band width
  • 10k solid gold
  • Made in Canada with Certified Canadian Gold

Stone Strength

Hardness of gemstones are qualified by the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Diamond is the hardest at 10, which makes it suitable for daily wear. The gemstones in the Rainbow Gemmie have a range of hardness from 7 - 9, which means it can be worn regularly but should be taken off while working with your hands. 

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